Extracting Sitecore content in 6 easy steps and under 30 minutes

Posted by on Nov 20, 2019 in Azure, Sitecore Blog | 0 comments

Recently, I have the opportunity to work on a project where I needed to extract large amounts of content from Sitecore and store it in the Database for additional processing. This task typically requires custom development, but as we move to the SaaS world, I started to look at other alternatives. One possibility was to use Azure ADF V2 to ETL Sitecore content. This approach allowed me to copy content from Sitecore to Azure Stores without...

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Sitecore IoT in Azure

Posted by on May 18, 2019 in Azure, Sitecore Blog | 0 comments

Just last week I wrote a quick blog on my Company’s portal on the integration of Sitecore Experience Platform 9 with IoT devices. I wanted to convey a message of the importance of IoT to Commence. Even though Amazon just pulled a plug on their IoT Dush button in lieu of Amazon Alexa, I am a strong believer that Commerce IoT is here to stay. The Button may not be the best solution for ordering Cats Food, but a small business may benefit...

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